Best Meridian Insurance Company USA

Best meridian insurance company usa As an independent insurance agent, I have the ability to offer multiple insurance companies and products, and this gives me a wide range of knowledge and flexibility. Another benefit of using an independent agent is that I am not tied to one specific product family.

This can make all the difference when choosing the best policy for your needs. Meridian Insurance Group is a local, family-owned company that offers a variety of products to meet a variety of needs. Best Meridian Insurance Company is a US-based insurance company that operates in the SIC code 6411 and NAICS code 524210. It provides insurance solutions to the international community and is known for providing quality products and services.

The company offers a variety of insurance products, including life and disability insurance, as well as an appeal process if you need to settle a dispute with your insurance provider. The company is appealing a summary judgment in a lawsuit that ruled that Best Meridian must pay the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Best Meridian maintains that it had no reason to deny the claim. It also contends that the policy was cancelled due to an insufficient bank account balance. However, in the case at hand, a personal representative filed a motion for summary judgment claiming that Best Meridian never mailed lapse notices.

Best Meridian relies on evidence of routine business practices. In this case, there is no postal receipt or employee certificate. Furthermore, the evidence presented by Best Meridian is not persuasive enough to prove that the mailings were sent. Therefore, a personal representative can use a postal receipt to challenge Best Meridian’s mailing. Currently, AM Best’s Financial Strength and Counterparty Credit Ratings are unchanged. The company has a BBB rating with a negative outlook. AM Best believes that BMIC’s capital and surplus will decrease dramatically in 2021. Further, the company’s reliance on unrated counterparties will negatively affect its capital adequacy.

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